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Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing, and Devin Durrant. Which name doesn't belong?

The answer is obvious. It is my name, Devin Durrant.

However, years ago my name did belong in that group of great basketball players.

Here’s why:

Back in 1984, I was an All-American with those basketball legends. From my experiences prior to and since being named to a variety of All-American teams, I have uncovered the secrets to what I call “The All-American Puzzle” that you as a parent can use to help your daughter or son enjoy tremendous success in athletics and in life.

Today I have created an amazing offer that you will want to take part in!

I have found that in order to become an All-American, there are nine basic principles or parts an athlete has to put together in order to complete "The All-American Puzzle."

There are no shortcuts in assembling a picture puzzle.

The same is true in becoming an All-American.

So, now… these new discoveries are ready to be revealed to you!

That’s the good news, but here’s the GREAT news:

I am doing something today that I have never done before. I have made arrangements to give away some of the best resources - yours F-R-E-E when you order just one copy of my book Raising An All-American: Helping Your Child Excel In Athletics (and in life) TODAY from Barnes & Noble.

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New York Times bestselling author, Richard Paul Evans is donating physical books as gifts to you when you buy Raising An All-American today!

That's right! He is giving you a copy of The Christmas Box shipped directly to your door when you purchase a copy of Raising An All-American today only. However this is limited to the first 360 buyers.

Stephen R. Covey, bestselling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People wrote the foreword for Raising An All-American and said:

"This is truly an amazing book. Parents will benefit enormously from its message and its lessons. The All-American idea is really a metaphor, a symbol for raising an outstanding child – one who is confident, disciplined, and who both achieves and contributes significantly.”

First here are ALL the gifts that I am ready to give you:

You are encouraged to take action now!
 The Power of Belief Bundle
As a perfect compliment to Raising An All-American, leading authority on belief Ray Dodd is offering a 15 part e-class, free posters, and a short movie about the power of belief. Ray is the best-selling author of BeliefWorks and The Power of Belief, and a long-time protégé of don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. Founder of EverydayWisdom.us, Ray has helped hundreds of individuals and organizations forge new beliefs and agreements to affect lasting and positive change.
 The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans
Richard Paul Evans is the #1 New York Times Bestseller for The Christmas Box. He is currently #10 on the New York Times Bestseller List for his newest book Finding Noel. Evans ten novels have each appeared on the New York Times bestseller list; there are more than thirteen million copies of his books in print worldwide.

Richard has generously offered a complimentary copy of The Christmas Box to the first 360 people who buy Raising an All-American.

Please note: Shipping and Handling are not included.
 Sports Relaxation Session by Dr. Jack Singer
An often over-looked key to Sports Performance is the skill of conscious relaxation. America’s top Sport’s Psychologist, Dr. Jack Singer will guide your child through a sports relaxation session using advanced hypnosis techniques. It will not only help with athletic performance but with all other areas of his or her life. Being a kid now a days is very stressful. You might also find that learning how to consciously relax will benefit you as well!
 The Self Esteem Book: Preview Book by Dr. Joe Rubino
This book has been the primary guide for thousands to totally improve their lives. You’ll Learn: Why over 85% Experience Diminished Self-Esteem Why Lacking Self-Esteem is the #1 Cause of Negative Emotions like Anger, Hurt, Greed, Fear, and Guilt How to Replace Negative Messages with New Core Beliefs that Support Your Happiness and Excellence How to Heal the Past and Stop the Downward Spiral of Self-Sabotage How to Implement an easy to follow system that will Impact Your Life
 Made for Success Power Package
Get 4 full-length audios delivered weekly from Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Chris Widener & Time Management expert Laura Stack. Plus, you will instantly receive 4 free motivational e-books from leading author Chris Widener. This $51.00 value is a free 30-day trial offer to MadeForSuccess.net. Use Promotional Code 1MOFREE508 when you register for the 1-month free subscription.

 Peak Performance Paraliminal from Learning Strategies.com
The Peak Performance Paraliminal is the perfect companion to Devin Durrant’s wonderfully effective book “Raising an All-American.” Listening can motivate your child (and you!) to create the most powerful ways possible to attain any result, goal, or desire. We all strive to be good at something, because this leads to power... or love... or money... or recognition... or acceptance... or parental success... or career success... or relationship success... or health... or success in competitive games. Right?! Well, Paraliminal listening sessions effortlessly help you overcome internal obstacles to achieve any goal. There is nothing to study. No homework. Just take 20 minutes. Listen to a Paraliminal with stereo headphones and your genius mind will do the rest. Almost magically. Download your free Peak Performance Paraliminal right now and break through to greatness!

 On Being a Dog With a Bone e-book by Peggy McColl
On Being A Dog With A Bone is the dogma for success; a simple, unique,
inspiring and humorous book that reveals the profound truths and benefits of never giving
up on our dreams. The main focus of the book is developing and maintaining the most
important element to achievement which is dogged determination, while ensuring one's
values are never compromised
 Marcia Wieder’s Dream Movement: Finding Your Dream
Finding Your Dream will share the experiences of real people who have struggled to recognize and define what it is that makes them unique and what brings joy and passion to their lives. As you will see the very process of finding your dream can be life-changing. Finding Your Dream helps you to feel the freedom of choice and feel the abundance of being rich with passion and dreams. As you come to truly know yourself, you will also more deeply trust and recognize the signs and insights along the way, giving you daily guidance to find your dream.
 The Law of Achievement Spiritual Sampling by Kathleen Gage
Have you ever questioned your ability to achieve? Do you wonder if there is more to life than simply making money? Are you looking for more fulfillment and purpose?

If you answered yes then this special gift from best-selling authors Kathleen Gage and Lori Giovannoni is for you.

The Law of Achievement goes beyond traditional “how to” books and delves into the recesses of the reader’s heart, mind and spirit. The book was inspired by one life-changing moment.

This special gift is a bountiful serving of dozens of excerpts from the book, The Law of Achievement.
 Scones for the Heart book by George Durrant
George D. Durrant is the author of more than a dozen books, including the best-selling Love at Home---Starring Father and Don't Forget the Star. One of his favorite memories is the day his mother cooked a batch of warm delicious scones---just for him. His older brothers and their friends had been picking on young George, but their attitudes quickly changed when he brought out that pan of warm scones. Of course, we can't all carry around a pan of scones. But we each carry scones of a different sort in our hearts. There are scones of kind words and generous deeds. And the more we give these away, the more scones we seem to have. In this uplifting collection of stories, George Durrant shares the scones that have changed his life. As you read them, they will certainly change yours.

This is offer is limited to the first 150 buyers of Raising An All-American.

Shipping and Handling are not included
 101 Ways to Unleash Your Potential by Kevin Eikenberry
This e-book will inform and inspire you . . . giving you things you can do every day to become more of what you were meant to be!

It contains 101 specific things you can do starting right away. Some will take five minutes, some five minutes a day, and some can be done in the blink of an eye. Each of them will help you unleash your unique and magnificent potential!
 Parents as Coaches Interview with Devin Durrant and Jodie Lynn

Finally, a radio talk show that is like no other -- for real parents with real challenges bringing unique interviews through targeted parenting experts, authors and creators of educational products that really make a difference in raising kids in today's society.

Hosted by award-winning internationally syndicated family/health columnist and best -selling author of "Syndication Secrets, What No One Will Tell You" and "Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer) - Having, Doing and Surviving It All," Jodie Lynn. Please join us at http://www.InsideParentingSuccess.com as we blast into the wacky world of raising kids from baby to teens by answering all of your questions and presenting the best of the best award-winning products and books that truly help make parenting a little bit easier.

The topic for this interview is "Parents as Coaches" a look at how parents are their kid's first coach. When your child dreams big dreams, are you ready to support them with tough love and demand they work for it?

 Internet Safety Browser from More Mommy Magic
The internet provides an incredible opportunity for our children. It opens up a world of information that is invaluable in their education - but it is also filled with an equal amount of what can only be referred to as "evil". Most parents have seen the documentaries and heard the horror stories about the dangers of the internet - and yet we all tend to think, "Yes, I understand, but my child would never talk to a stranger online, and certainly would not venture out to meet a stranger." The problem is that we are dealing with the cunning prowess of wolves in sheep's' clothing - and many kids are being tricked into things that their parents, nor they themselves, would ever have thought they would do.

Adria Manary, author of More Mommy Magic - 506 Ways to Nurture your Child, is pleased to offer a safety browser that will provide the protection needed online these days, and ease the minds of parents everywhere. She calls it a "Bubble of Protection", so that only nice things can enter the world of our children online. The technology was developed by the Children's Educational Network and is unsurpassed.

 Balancing Your Life as an All-American Momager™ Teleseminar.
Come and discover the secrets every modern Momager© (Mom & Manager) needs to know to reach her fullest potential and find success in these competitive, stress-inducing times. Learn:· The top 7 tips to balancing your life.· How incredibly valuable moms job is -- worth at least $142,844 annually. · The latest & greatest information to keep your body, mind, and spirit balanced. · Techniques to make a mom's work more meaningful and bring greater confidence, at home and in the workplace.

Christine Martinello is an international speaker and coach focusing on leadership & life balancing. She is the best-selling author of The Momager ® Guide: Empowering Moms to Leave A Loving Legacy. If you can't make the tele-seminar please go to http://www.christinemartinello.com/contact.html and send message to have the seminar notes sent to you and enjoy.
 Jodie Lynn Book Bundle
This bonus consists of a free copy of two best-selling books written by award-winning internationally syndicated family/health columnist, Jodie Lynn. "Syndication Secrets - What No One Will Tell You!" (March 2006). Find out inside secrets into the process of becoming motivated into moving your dream forward with success in getting your article or column syndicated. From finding your passion, writing query letters, telephone protocol, marketing, follow up, organizational tips, Internet ideas and straight through to editorial rebuttals... things the editors just don't want you to know!

And, "Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer) - Having, Doing and Surviving It All!" (June 2006). Answering some of the very top parenting dilemmas, from pre-pregnancy to teens, exercising, homework tips, taking time for mom, work from home ideas, Mommy Wars, making memories and building traditions, getting organized and straight into quick doable yummy recipes at the end of each chapter, it offers everyday wisdom into "having, doing and surviving it all" in motherhood while claiming your rightful title - Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer)..."Move over Jack Welch -- there's a new CEO in town!"

Shipping and Handling is not included. Send info to us at download link and we will contact you. Please add code: FREE BOOKS PLUS S/H FEE-- FBSHF1006.
 Special Report from Devin Durrant
Share this free report with other parents in your neighborhood. Download it today. "The Secrets of an All American: 9 Ways to Succeed Where Others Fail." This article is written by Devin Durrant, author of Raising An All-American: Helping Your Child Excel in Athletics (and in Life).

 Precious Souls Music CD
Precious Souls is a music CD for the whole family. It offers inspiration for parents, and nurturing and security building words for their children. Adria Manary wrote most of the lyrics and partnered with Patricio Pickslay on the music and production. Patricio is a very well known producer living in San Diego, who has worked with some of the "greats", and Adria was honored to have the opportunity of working with him. Also included on the CD are two songs from Karl Anthony, who performs for children and adults all over the world.

 Empowering Parents Now Special Report
Linda Milo, the “Parent-Child Connection Coach” works with parents who want to overcome the daily challenges they have parenting. Linda, a single parent, has raised three boys and three girls (including twins) - she knows the ups and downs of parenting. Her Special Report in communicating with your child will open doors to a new way of understanding/relating to one another.

 Dr. Proactive's 'Parenting Bonus Bundle'
Give your children a real advantage with this keystone article "Parents - Teach Your Children How To Fail," and receive your own copy of "Success Bound," plus a powerful interview with parenting celebrity Jim Fay, founder of "Love and Logic." And finally a F.R.E.E Gold 60-day trial membership to Inside Success Radio (which gives you access to over $5598 in shows and bonuses).
 Are Women Better Positive Thinkers Than Men article by Ken Bossone
Draw your own conclusions after reading this controversial chapter about the many obstacles women have overcome. This chapter is filled with dozens of exciting stories about known and unknown women overcoming the impossible.

Ken Bossone is president of the World Positive Thinkers Club, which includes over 500 celebrities of the sports and business world. Ken is a published author, has written a series of positive input children’s books, as well as articles for Executive Excellence and Personal Excellence magazines. He is also a financial and business advisor with a flair for creating and evaluating business plans, as well as a community leader for Amber Alert Safety Programs. Ken is also a faculty member of the prestigious Masters Program.
  7 Keys to Raising Money Smart Kids
The KidsWealth Money Kit teaches kids how to manage money by teaching them the value of a dollar, and how to save and spend money wisely.

Save 25% by using the coupon code BONUS when you order today!

 Empowering Messages Presents: The Power of Being Your Own Coach
Join author and speaker, Devin Durrant, as he relates this empowering message titled "The Power of Being Your Own Coach" brought to you by Empoweringmessages.com.

Zev Saftlas presents to you a series of empowering audios from outstanding authors, professional speakers and successful individuals that are about 5 minutes long through Empoweringmessages.com

To sign up and get a free empowering audio each week go to www.empoweringmessages.com.
 Parent to Parent Publicity Package
Parent to Parent is an internationally syndicated newspaper column, written by award-winning columnist, Jodie Lynn.

She is also the CEO of www.ParentToParent.com - which is an online resource dedicated to helping parents, grandparents and families who want to beef up their parenting skills. Site includes: parenting, health and humor columns, plus articles for WAHM. Additionally, there are contests and an amazing newsletter with awesome recipes.

This bonus includes a free ad in our newsletter for 3 months; a value of $249.00. Also included are three of our most popular articles: Curbing Money Spending Teens, Succeeding with Homework, and for those interested in writing a column/article, How To Write A Successful Query Letter. Please send details to the link provided and we will contact you.
 MotherDreams Membership advertising package.
MotherDreams is an online WAHM resource dedicated to helping moms, and families who want to work from home in order to stay home with their families.

This bonus includes a MotherDreams advertising package of the following:
Includes Newsletter ad for 1 month, Home Business Opportunities Ad for 1 month, lifetime listing in our Member Directory, 15% off all advertising rates for lifetime, and Members Only Specials (which are featured in the monthly newsletter.)

For more information go to: www.motherdreams.com/advertise1.htm.
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This extraordinary bonus gift package has never been offered before and I don't plan to ever offer this again.

NOW is the time to receive all of these F-R-E-E bonus gifts (available until midnight tonight) when you buy just one copy of the book, Raising An All-American by Devin Durrant.

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So to get all of these valuable gifts you need to order Raising An All-American from Barnesandnoble.com RIGHT NOW!

Where else can you invest $16.95 and receive real bonuses and discover the secrets of raising an All-American!

In this book you will get the nine basic principles or puzzle pieces on how to raise an All-American --- a successful person in athletics and in life.

A puzzle is not complete unless every piece is placed in its correct location!

To raise an All-American, you, as a parent, will need to do your part to help your son or daughter locate and place each piece where it belongs in his or her All-American Puzzle.

This book is so highly regarded it has been endorsed by some of the greatest industry experts.

Danny Ainge, Boston Celtics Executive Director of Basketball Operations, two-time NBA World Champion and winner of the John Wooden Award had this to say about Raising An All-American,
"Devin Durrant may be the most All-American of all the All-Americans I ever played with and I played with a lot. I can.t think of anyone more qualified to write this book. I can.t wait to share some of his stories, quotes, and insights with my own children, and with some of the Boston Celtics players and coaches. This book is not only for parents raising children in sports, but for anyone who is currently playing, coaching or teaching."

Lavell Edwards, Legendary BYU football coach, National Coach of the Year and member of the College Football Hall of Fame said,
"This book could be called Blueprint for a Successful Life. Devin has outlined principles that are a roadway to success in all phases of life. He has done an excellent job of presenting the material in a way that can be easily understood and implemented by people of all ages. This book is a must for every home."

Tom Holmoe, Winner of Four Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers said,
"I loved this book. My favorite chapter was the mentally tough chapter. Devin calls it .rodeo tough.. As I read this message, I thought of the successful athletes whom I have known. The most vivid memory I have of each one was his or her mental toughness. All nine parts of the All-American Puzzle are important. All are vital to success. But I personally love to watch those athletes who are mentally tough, play the game. Devin, your book is awesome!."

Sharlene Wells Hawkes, Former Miss America, award-winning ESPN reporter had this to say,
"I wholeheartedly endorse this book for parents of young men and most importantly for parents of many young women who desire to excel in sports and in life."

Are you ready to discover the secrets to raising an All-American child and launching them on their journey to success?

Order Raising An All-American
receive your F-R-E-E bonus gifts NOW:

Here are your two simple steps:

Step 1:
First order your copy of Raising An All-American at Barnes and Noble.com by clicking on the order link---

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The All-American Puzzle is made up of nine important pieces which are clearly outlined in this book.

In a careful analysis of my sports career and the careers of other successful athletes, I have found that in order to become an All-American there are nine basic principles or parts an athlete has to put together in order to complete the All-American Puzzle.

There are no shortcuts in assembling a picture puzzle.

The same is true in becoming an All-American.

In both cases the assembler has to put the end product together one piece at a time. The interlocked pieces make up the various parts, and the parts make up the puzzle.

Finally, after tremendous effort, all the parts come together. The dream becomes a reality.

Raising An All-American will guide you through this puzzle!

Think about your own experiences and how important your role as parent, coach and teacher is and you'll soon realize the value of this information.

This life changing book is ready for you.

Read what the other experts are saying about Raising An All-American:

Rick Bolus, Publisher of the High Potential Basketball Recruiting Service said,
"I can attest to the importance of attitude and mental ability in athletics. Devin has succeeded in capturing in print the positive attributes needed for athletic success. This is a .must read. for the aspiring athlete, his or her parents and those who support the aspiring athletes. This book is a stirring recipe for success."

Dave Houle who is "The most successful high school coach in America with over 66 State Championships at Mountain View High School and who is a Member of the National High School Hall of Fame" said this:
"Having coached numerous All-Americans, I know what it takes. It would be impossible for me to put into one book all I.ve taught these athletes. But Devin has done it in a manner that amazes me. His 9 Parts of the All-American Puzzle describe everything my athletes - - male and female - - need to do to reach their full potential. Devin teaches what it takes to transform a young man or woman into an All-American, not only in sports, but also in life."

The precious F-R-E-E bonus gifts are ready for you NOW!

Here are the two simple steps:

Step 1:
First order your copy of Raising An All-American at Barnes and Noble.com by clicking on the order link---

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If you have any other friends, family, coaches, teachers, or business associates that you'd like to share this special offer with, BE SURE to pass this message on to them! I believe they'll REALLY appreciate it!

Thank you for helping me on this exciting day!

With appreciation and gratitude,

Devin Durrant


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Thanks, again!
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